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Sterling Connectors

Wire guardians protect your stringing material from being worn by clasps or other sharp edges. Although wire guard is the term most often used in beading, you may also know these by the nautical term thimbles or wire thimble, which is used in ship rigging.

Start by putting a crimp on the bead wire. Next feed the bead wire through the wire guardian and feed your clasp onto the guardian. Now pass your wire back through your crimp bead. Cinch up the wire with the clasp in the loop of the guardian. Remove excess slack in the wire and crimp everything in place. The wire guard is now protecting the bead wire where it gets the most wear.

Bead tips are used to connect silk, nylon, or thread to a metal finding. They protect softer stringing material from wearing quickly due to abrasion.To use, thread a bead tip on your cord, tie a knot that will not pass through the hole, secure with a dab of glue to keep the knot in the bead tip. After drying, use your round nose pliers to attach the small hook on the bead tip to your ring or clasp. Bead tips are available in sterling, gold fill, or economy base metal with a plated finish.

cone103.jpg Sterling Cone 103 -1 pair
One Pair
Height: 23.5 mm
Diameter: 9.5 mm
Use a pair of cones to finish the end of a necklace or collect multiple strands together.
cone104.jpg Sterling Cone 104 -1 pair
One Pair
Height: 20 mm
Diameter: 11.5 mm
Use a pair of cones to finish the end of a necklace or collect multiple strands together.
wire-guardian.jpg Sterling Wire Guardian
$5.50 $4.50 On Sale!
Medium Size
24 pcs or 100 pcs
Medium size Fits .012-.021 bead wire
Use a wire guard to protect your bead wire where it passes through the clasp.

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beadtipclamshell.jpg Sterling Bead Tip - Clamshell style
Available in 12 or 24 piece packages.
Sterling Silver.

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