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Japanese Multi Mixes

Japanese Multi-Mix Beads

  • Packed: Large 6 inch tubes by 9/16" diameter 
        (Delica Mixes are packed in 3 inch x 9/16" tubes)
  • Size: mixed sizes and shapes in one tube
  • Contents: 25-29 grams per tube
  • Quantity: varies by the mix
  • These are approximate values, the quantities vary slightly by color.
Multi-Mixes are beautiful combinations of different colors & shapes in a single mix. If you want a beautiful variety of color coordinated beads in a single package, this has to be your first choice! If you want single shape bead mixes they are listed on the pages that contain that shape.  Click here to see our memory wire bracelet page. This page has some good close ups of the mixes made into bracelets.

aunaturalmix.jpg Multi Mix - Au Natural
mm4514 Quantity
flatironmix.jpg Multi Mix - Flat Iron
mm4510 Quantity
10tr227.jpg 10 Tri Color Mix
10tr-227 Quantity
5tr8.jpg 5 Tri Color Mix
5tr-8 Quantity
8tr1457.jpg 8 Tri Color Mix
8tri-1457 Quantity
ImgComingSoon.jpg Multi Mix - Aqua Elegance
mm4928 Quantity
autumn.jpg Multi Mix - Autumn
mm4672 Quantity
ImgComingSoon.jpg Multi Mix - Black Tie
mm4577 Quantity
bronzedynastymix.jpg Multi Mix - Bronze Dynasty
mm3613 Quantity
grapenehimix.jpg Multi Mix - Grape Nehi
mm3930 Quantity
metallicrainmix.jpg Multi Mix - Metallic Rain
mm3497 Quantity
peacockmix.jpg Multi Mix - Peacock Garden
mm3494 Quantity
shadesofgraymix.jpg Multi Mix - Shades Of Gray Silk
mm3616 Quantity
ImgComingSoon.jpg Multi Mix - Teal Shimmer
mm4312 Quantity
victorianromance.jpg Multi Mix - Victorian Romance
mm3910 Quantity

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