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Japanese Drop Beads


  • Packed: Large 6 inch tubes by 9/16" diameter
  • Size: Each bead is about 3.4 mm
  • Contents: 25-28 grams per tube
  • Quantity: 450-500 beads per tube or about 18 beads per gram
  • These are approximate values, the quantities vary slightly by color

Drop beads shaped like tiny raindrops. The holes in these beads are off center..Because of this, they produce interesting affects whether you string them together or use them for embellishments on fabric or quilts.

Japanese Magatama Beads are on this page

DP-cloverMIX-300 Drop 4 Leaf Clover Mix
dr-2900 Quantity
DP-balticamberMIX-300 Drop Baltic Amber Mix
dr-4043 Quantity
DP-fireballMIX-300 Drop Fire Ball Mix
dr-3928 Quantity
DP-goodearthMIX-300 Drop Good Earth Mix
dr-2617 Quantity
DPF-mintgrnaqua-300 Drop Green Lined Lt Blue
dr-175 Quantity
gumball-mix Drop Gumball Mix
dr-1213 Quantity
DP-jeweltoneMIX-300 Drop Jewel Tone Mix
dr-174 Quantity
DP-merlotMIX-300 Drop Merlot Mix
dr-290 Quantity
DPF-mintgrnsapphire-300 Drop Mint Green Lined Blue
dr-176 Quantity
DP-Jet-300 Drop Opaque Black
dr-293 Quantity
DP-rainbowMIX-300 Drop Rainbow Drop Mix
dr-2918 Quantity
MA4-MIX-01-300 Magatama Jellybean Mix
ma-1309 Quantity
Magatama Multi Mix
ma-2597 Quantity
MA4-MIX-02-300 Magatama Volcanic Beach Mix
ma-1310 Quantity
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