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Japanese Cube Beads 1.8 mm

1.8 mm X 1.8 mm Japanese Cube Beads are tiny square shaped beads

    • Packed: Large 6 inch tubes by 9/16" diameter
    • Contents: 25-27 grams per tube
    • Quantity: 2200 beads per tube or about  85 beads per gram
    • These are approximate values, the quantities vary slightly by color.


18cu-5589.jpg 1.8 Cube Cream Ceylon
18cu-5589 Quantity
18cu-5588.jpg 1.8 Cube Crystal AB
18cu-5588 Quantity
18cu-5584.jpg 1.8 Cube Mat Met Khaki Iris
18cu-5584 Quantity
18cu-5513.jpg 1.8 Cube Mat Met Patina Iris
18cu-5513 Quantity
18cu-5504.jpg 1.8 Cube Mat Tr Dk Topaz AB
18cu-5504 Quantity
18cu-5590.jpg 1.8 Cube Met Dk Bronze
18cu-5590 Quantity
18cu-5591.jpg 1.8 Cube Met Gold Iris
18cu-5591 Quantity
18cu-5587.jpg 1.8 Cube Met Pewter Lined Crystal
18cu-5587 Quantity
18cu-5586.jpg 1.8 Cube Opaque Black
18cu-5586 Quantity
18cu-5501.jpg 1.8 Cube S/L Crystal
18cu-5501 Quantity
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