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German Silver Wire

germansilver.jpg Wire - German Silver Wire
German Silver is copper wire that is silver plated. It has the look of sterling wire, but not the price tag.

14 ga 5.9 ft or 1.8 meters
16 ga 9.8 ft or 3 meters
18 ga 13.1 ft or 4 meters
20 ga 19.7 ft or 6 meters
22 ga 32.8 ft or 10 meters
24 ga 39.4 ft or 12 meters
26 ga 65.6 ft or 20 meters
(1 meter = 3.28 feet = 39.3 inches)

Order 10 assorted packages of German Wire and we'll deduct $1.00 off each package when we process your order. You won't see any discount in your shopping cart we have to add it manually.

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