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sm-blue-green-nugget.jpg Turquoise Nuggets 3-5 mm
2.3 mm to 4.5 mm size

16 inch strands
Small nuggets with dark matrix
tp201.jpg Turquoise Pebbles in Assorted Sizes

We have a variety of turquoise pebbles available for sale. This is genuine turquoise in a smooth pebble shape. Individual stones range from 12mm-22mm in diameter. These strands are real turquoise, they are not magnacite or howlite.

You can visit our Austin warehouse or contact us by email for a description and/or picture. Price range of these strands runs from $20.00-$45.00. The pictures below give a good idea of the variety of patterns in this turquoise.

tp202.jpg tp302.jpg tp305.jpg

tp502.jpgtp505.jpg tp402.jpg

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