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Swarovski Specialty Crystals

frame14mm.gif Swarovski Crystal #4439 Square 14mm Crystal Copper 2 pcs
These frames have many uses. You can apply them to any flat surface using glue. They can be strung on a necklace to create a sliding element.
5020.gif Swarovski Crystal #5020 Helix 8 mm Crystal AB 12 beads
$11.50 $8.63 On Sale! Quantity
5100.gif Swarovski Crystal #5100
Available in 5 mm or 6 mm sizes. 5 mm Crystal(48 pcs)
5 mm Crystal AB (38 pcs) 6 mm Crystal (32 pcs)
5305.gif Swarovski Crystal #5305 Crystal Spacer
These crystals are similar in shape to swarovski bicones. We have 5 mm or 6 mm sizes.

5mm Crystal (45 pcs) 6mm Crystal (33 pcs)
  6mm Crystal AB (24 pcs)
5mm Jet (36 pcs) 6mm Jet 24 (pcs)

5500.gif Swarovski Crystal #5500 Tear Drop 9x6 mm 12 pcs
$12.50 $8.13 On Sale!

Net discount item: no additional discount applied to this item.

6000.gif Swarovski Crystal #6000 Colored 11x5.5mm Teardrop
$0.89 $0.65 On Sale!
Available in: Amethyst, Jet Blue ABRose, Sapphire, Siam, Tanzanite. Blue AB is similar to the Regular AB coating but it is a metalic blue color instead of the yellow tint in the regular AB coating.
6000.gif Swarovski Crystal #6000 Colored 13x6.5mm Teardrop
$0.95 $0.75 On Sale!
Sale price is on Siam AB & Tanzanite
Crystal AB is $1.00 each
p0vk78k.gif Swarovski Crystal #6012 Teardrop 15 mm Pendant 3 pcs
6100.gif Swarovski Crystal #6100 Pendant 24x12mm
$7.50 $4.88 On Sale!
35% off 24 mm x 12 mm These pear shaped pendants are faceted beautifully. They are available in three finishes; Crystal AB, Bermuda Blue, and Terrenum. The bermuda is a deep midnight blue color while the terrenum is a gradiant color that varies from smokey topaz to yellow and clear. It's awesome.

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earringkitperidot.jpg Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree Earring Kit

Each Christmas Tree Kit makes 2 earrings (1 pair)
Finished earring is about 12mm x 22mm.

Emerald Peridot CrystalAB Crystal

   Emerald      Peridot       Crystal AB     Crystal

The  kit includes Swarovski crystals for 1 pair of
earrings. Headpins or ear wires not included.

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